Hurricane Season

Hurricane Season is now.  Take the following steps TODAY to help ensure your pet’s safety:
1.  Identify Your Pet.  Be sure to place id tags on your pet prior to an expected storm.  Ideally microchip your pet and register your contact information immediately.  Try to register a contact number for a friend/family member outside of your local area as well.
2.  Get a carrier or crate set up.  Get a zip-loc seal plastic bag and place the following inside of it: a photo of your pet and your entire family, your pet’s name, your name, and your cell phone number, and your pet’s medical history – vaccine history, current diseases, list of any current medications.  Fasten this plastic bag securely to the crate or carrier.
3.  Place 2 weeks of food, water, and any medications, along with two leashes (one should be a slip leash), litter and litter box (for cats), toys, treats, and plastic waste clean up bags in a water proof storage container ideally.
4.  Know where you are going.  Contact your town government before any storms to identify where you can shelter with your pet, or where you can drop your pets if your town does not provide sheltering with your pet.  If you choose to stay inside your house during a storm, shelter with your pets in an interior room with no windows or doors.
5.  Do not let pets outdoors during a storm.  Keep your pet, their carrier and a 2 weeks supply of essentials with you at all times.

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