It’s Tick Season – uggghhh


Gearing up for Tick Season
The Ticks Are Out

Follow these steps to help prevent ticks from biting and infecting your dog or cat.

1.  Keep away from pachysandra, leaf litter, and shady areas.

2.  Try all natural repellants.

  • Sentry Natural Defense – natural flea and tick squeeze-on for dogs is a once monthly spot-on to skin for dogs.
  • Tick-off drops is an Animal Wellness exclusive to be placed on your cat’s or your dog’s collar or harness daily.
  • Small amounts of fresh garlic (less than 1/4 clove) or Springtime garlic granules added to your dog’s food daily.

3.  Brush your dog or cat with a slicker brush or flea comb to capture crawling ticks right after your dog or cat has been outside.

4.  Check your dog or cat at least daily for any attached ticks and remove easily with a tick remover/tick spoon.  We also carry these at Animal Wellness.

Because your pet’s health matters to us too.

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